Industrial Chic

Usine Restaurant, Stockholm | Richard Lindvall

usine 5

Created by Swedish interior designer Richard Lindvall and restaurateurs Tim Karlsson and Michael Andreasson, Usine features a bar, bistro, restaurant, gallery and conference area all in one… and isn’t it amazing! 

The former sausage factory turn tax agency underwent an extensive renovation to give place to the new Usine concept, which opened at the end of April 2015.



The Style of the Usine is French-Scandinavian meets industrial-minimalism and maybe a hint of art deco. This is achieved through the selection of high quality materials including custom maple wood millwork, cognac leather upholstery, white metro tiles, valcromat, incredible black iron details, galvanized steel and concrete… 48 tonnes of concrete to be exact!! Not only was concrete used for the floors, but also to construct the two bars, reception desk, a large sofa table and a 3.5 metre wash basin!


Such large industrial buildings with alot of hard materials and open space can often feel cold and uninviting but Richard has created a warm, fresh, welcoming interior with a strong sense of history! We cannot wait to visit one day!! Love It!

Here come a swarm of photos!! We just couldn’t choose a few!







Photos | Mikael Axelsson
Styling | Em Fexeus

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